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One of our new residents recently shared with me a letter she wrote to her children explaining her decision to move into one of our independent living Garden Apartments. Part of her letter included a list of things that helped her make her decision. She has given me permission to share her thoughts with others who may also be considering a retirement living facility …

1. Three years ago before my hip surgeries, my doctor suggested it.
2. I will be cared for and content for the rest of my days.
3. I will have a lovely, bright Garden apartment w/ ground level patio
4. I will be served all of my meals beautifully and deliciously in the dining room.
5. I will have apartment cleaning and laundry services.
6. I will not have to worry about car insurance or maintenance.
7. I will be taken and escorted to all medical appointments and hospital.
8. I will no longer be alone for any future medical procedures.
9. I will have any rehab right in the Lodge or my private apartment.
10. I will have the use of all facilities at no charge.
11. I will still be able to work as a Volunteer whenever I wish.
12. I will have friends right there with no outside travel needed.
13. I will have the use of the private Chapel for prayers every day.
14. I will have friends there to visit with & bring in for lunch and dinner.
15. Any outside services will come to me – i.e. foot care, massage.
16. I will not have to worry about and pay for expensive home repairs.
17. No more new roofs or air conditioners or any appliances.
18. I will cut way back on services, magazine subscriptions, and worries about house.
19. I will enjoy Social Programs and lots of entertainment in the Lodge.
20. I will be taken out any place for shopping by our new A/C bus.
21. No more condo fees, argumentative meetings and concerns.
22. No more Recreation Annual Fees.
23. No more lugging heavy bags of refuse and papers out to trash can.
24. No more going out to fill gallon jugs of H2O & carrying into house.
25. No more driving myself to Church fior Mass & Holly Communion.
26. No extensive financial concerns to fret over; most eliminated by move.
27. Everything I need is on one floor in a most pleasant environment.
28. Peace and real quiet in my private apartment for prayer and rest.
29. Beautiful Rose Garden and Fountain, grounds and flowers to enjoy.
30. Bird feeder outside my window to enjoy. And lots & lots more!
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