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Annuities can be a valuable tool when planning for retirement, but
one should think them through thoroughly before making a decision.  The following five questions are a good place
to start your investigations.
What are your retirement goals and objectives?

It is important that you understand
your stage of retirement and
define your personal retirement goals. 
Give careful consideration to your plans for lifestyle, travel, second
careers, and when you expect to retire.


2. How long do
you expect to live in retirement?

Americans are living longer, and it
is more common for them
to spend 25 or more years in retirement. Projecting your life
expectancy will help ensure your savings will sustain your
envisioned retirement lifestyle. Estimate your own life expectancy
considering such factors as your current health, the life spans of
immediate family members, and your current lifestyle.

Do you need supplemental retirement income?

An annuity can be used to
supplement your other retirement income
sources by providing payments that cannot be outlived to help
cover expected living expenses. Calculating the “gap” between
available retirement income (Social Security, a pension and
savings) and your essential living expenses (housing, insurance,
etc.) can help determine how an annuity can be of value.

How can an annuity help meet your retirement

An annuity is the only personal
retirement product that provides a
guaranteed paycheck that cannot be outlived. In addition, deferred
variable annuities allow you to take advantage of tax-deferred
investment growth, while providing “living benefits” offering
insurance protection against downside market risk and a variety of
options to access your money. Annuity death benefits offer
additional protection of your assets.

When will you need access to the money in your

One feature offered by many
deferred annuities is the ability to
withdraw a portion (e.g., 10-15 percent) of the initial investment
each year without surrender charges. Many annuities also provide
you with full access to your money — also free of surrender
charges — in situations of serious illness.
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