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Even though seniors have years of wear and tear on their feet podiatry care is often a neglected aspect of their health and wellness. SVL Assisted Living Manager Blanche Forrester says, “Seniors are particularly susceptible to foot problems because of declining activity, changes in shoe size or foot structure, and medical conditions. The problem is compounded because many physicians do not focus on regular foot care.”

To help keep seniors healthy and active, we encourage them to pay special attention to their feet. It is crucial to find proper fitting shoes that do not add undo pressure to the feet. It is also important to keep blood circulating as much as possible. Seniors should put their feet up when they are sitting or lying down and stretch after sitting for a long while. Walking, gentle foot massages, and warm foot baths also help tremendously with circulation.

Other tips to keep your feet healthy include trying not to expose them to cold temperatures, avoid sitting for long periods of time (especially with your legs crossed), and avoid smoking.
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