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Health Care Residents are documenting their personal histories and keeping journals with the help of a computer program called It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L). The IN2L program is specifically designed to make computer use easy for seniors and those who have little or no experience with computers.

The IN2L computer is located in our HCC activity room and allows users to play a variety of games and puzzles, take video tours, explore history, and listen to old radio and television shows. The computer programs can be accessed simply by pushing buttons on the screen. The computer itself has an easily adjustable screen and keyboard that can be adapted to a variety of positions and needs.

One of the most popular elements of this computer is a program designed to help seniors document their thoughts and histories by answering an extensive array of prompting questions. Volunteer April Newell has been aiding residents with their projects and computer training in general. She says helping residents with the program helps her get to know Lodge residents and is a lot of fun. “This is a great way to discuss residents’ lives and explore topics they want to talk about.”

In addition to working on journals, April has been taking advantage of the computer’s history programs and encyclopedias. “I just let residents decide what they want to explore and then we do it,” she said. “The program is very interactive and helps residents get over their fear of using computers.”

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