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Helen Dearman is the founder of the National Chronic Pain
Society, radio host, frequent TV panelist, speaker, and author.  She
has dedicated her life to helping people who, like herself, have to live with
chronic pain. 

Helen has suffered with chronic pain for over three
decades.  In her recent book, Pain
, she writes about her own experiences with endless doctors’
appointments, tests, procedures, medications and 11 surgeries to repair damage
to her spine resulting from a fall.  Pain Tamers is
a valuable compendium of information from medical professionals, sound advice,
first-person accounts and resources – all aimed at informing, empowering and
equipping the person living with chronic pain. 

Be sure to check out Helen’s engagements at Sun Valley Lodge on November 7th and 8th.  For more information call Mike Kloberdanz at (623) 933-0137.

  • 12415 N. 103rd Ave.
  • Sun City, Arizona
  • (623) 933-0137

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