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The second program in Sun Valley Lodge’s Discover Arizona series is entitled “Geronimo’s Surrender: The 1886 C. S. Fly Photographs.” It will be presented by historian Jay Van Orden on Wednesday, April 7th at 10:00 AM in the Lodge’s Wriston Lounge.

Mr. Van Orden will discuss inaccuracies in the historical accounts of Geronimo’s surrender to federal troops in March of 1886. Van Orden has reexamined both the historical accounts and the photographed records of the surrender talks, and will discuss critical, and heretofore missing, information. His presentation will integrate the updated information to add new depth to the suspenseful days of negotiations. Augmented by information retrieved from both researched eyewitness accounts and consultations with descendants of the photographed Chiricahuas, Van Orden will add new historical perspective to a riveting moment in history. The Fly photographs capture the meetings, military camp scenes, and stunning views of the Chiricahua people.

Jay Van Orden worked for the Arizona Historical Society (AHS) for thirty-two years. As Director of Field Services, he made and maintained connections with most of the state’s local history museums. He remains busy in retirement with research and writing related to Geronimo, the Apaches, and the Civil War in Arizona, as well as the restoration of classic automobiles and motor scooters. He represents AHS on the State Historic Sites Review Committee.

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