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The final installment of Sun Valley Lodge’s Discover Arizona series will be held on Wednesday, April 28th at 10:00 AM in the Lodge’s Wriston Lounge. Historian Todd Weber will present “The History of the River Runners of the Grand Canyon”

Using a visually rich and colorful presentation, Todd Weber, dressed as J.W. Powell, will carry his listeners along a historical timeline. Beginning with a Hopi legend, he will take his audience through the years of human history in the Grand Canyon to the river- runners of today. The John Wesley Powell expedition, the ambitions of industrialists, and the mystery of the Hydes disappearance will all be discussed as Todd uncovers the centuries of human history buried in the austere and beautiful walls below the rim of the canyon.

Todd Weber became enthralled with history as a child, and by his teenage years was already building a collection of clothing and accouterments representing the explorers and fur traders of the west. Years of reading journals and the historical accounts of the fascinating characters of the past, Todd became self taught on the facts and details of various periods of America’s history. Over the last 25 years, he has taught countless groups of all ages. His collections of tools, arms, accouterments and period clothing add to his presentations, making them very visual and memorable.

The Discover Arizona series consists of five programs that each feature a different aspect of Arizona history presented by an accomplished speaker. The series is made possible through a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council.

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