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Thursday, March 14th
10:30 AM
Sun Valley Lodge
This event is free and open to the public
Separating fact from fiction is no easy task
when it comes to flamboyant stage coach robber Pearl Hart. So enamored of the
Wild West, she embellished her own tale to accommodate the interest of
newspapers and public fascination. This program will follow Pearl from her
modest beginnings in Canada, and will explore her travels from Canada to Ohio,
Illinois, New Mexico, and finally, Arizona. Why does a woman who committed a
fairly insignificant crime still garner so much interest that even a Broadway
show was created to highlight her life? In this presentation, H. Christine Reid will explore
Pearl’s life from many angles with photographs and newspaper clippings and help
shed some light on an Arizona figure surrounded by mystery.
Presented by H. Christine Reid.  Chris is intrigued by Arizona’s
diverse and rich western heritage as a writer and researcher at the Pinal
County Historical Society and Community Scholar for the ASU Osher Lifelong
Learning Institute. She continues that deep interest while serving on many of
the town of Florence’s heritage projects and agencies. Committed to sharing
history in a lively manner, she presents the sometimes hidden or forgotten
aspects of Arizona’s characters and history.
  • 12415 N. 103rd Ave.
  • Sun City, Arizona
  • (623) 933-0137

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