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Thursday, March 21st
10:30 AM
Sun Valley Lodge
This event is free and open to the public
This program features the stories of young girls at the turn of the 20th
century who, before the age of eighteen, broke through social barriers, coped
with the rawness and isolation of the early west. From the mid 1800s to the mid
1900s, girls in the Arizona territory and Southwest were expected to care for
younger children, cook and clean, feed the poultry and pigs, milk the cows,
administer to sick animals, and tend gardens. They also helped mend fences,
round up wandering herds, and repair dried-up water holes. Yet even as they
toiled, they strained against the confines of housework and home chores. This
program includes a PowerPoint presentation of old photographs and features
girls in geographic locations from arid desert towns to the northern reaches of
the Grand Canyon.
Presented by Jan Cleere.  Jan is an award-winning author,
historian, and lecturer who writes extensively about the people who first
settled in the desert southwest. Her work reflects her love of the west and her
knowledge of western history. She is the author of Levi’s & Lace:
Arizona Women Who Made History
, Amazing Girls of Arizona: True Stories
of Young Pioneers
, and Outlaw Tales of Arizona. She speaks to
organizations across the state detailing the stories of historic people from a
variety of lifestyles and occupations that she has discovered through her
extensive research.
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