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Dearman is known as the pain sufferers’ advocate.  She has dedicated her life to helping people
who, like herself, have to live with chronic pain.  Helen is a radio host, a frequent TV
panelist, author, and speaker. And, she is a friend of Sun Valley Lodge.  Helen recently spoke with us about the
importance of managing chronic pain which she describes as “any pain that does
not go away with reasonable time and treatment.”

has some basic advice for seniors suffering from this type of pain:

“It is
very important for seniors to bring someone with them to their medical
appointments.  Many seniors are on a
complex combination of medications and it is crucial that they understand their
doctors’ instructions.”

should keep a constant and current list of medications in a place where a
trusted friend or family member has access. 
The list should include dosages, strength, storage instructions, and the
name of the doctor who wrote the prescription.”

“It is
very important for all people suffering from pain to develop support
groups.  There are ways to manage chronic
pain and it helps to have the support of others.”

most recent book, Pain Tamers, is
available at Barnes & Noble, through, and several other outlets.
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