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an effort to continue to evaluate and improve our services, and to make sure
our residents are active participants in their own care, we recently issued a Resident
Satisfaction Survey in our Health Care Center. 
We recorded an impressive 72% response rate (internal surveys usually
receive a 30 – 40% response rate) which is indicative of the passion our residents
feel for the Lodge.

the results, 100% of responders rated their overall satisfaction with their
care as “Good” or “Excellent”, and 90% recognize Sun Valley Lodge as their “Home.”  100% also reported that the management team
takes the time to listen to their concerns and comments.

are extremely grateful to all residents who participated in the survey.  We regard this as a valuable tool to help us
continue to fulfill our mission and ensure that Sun Valley Lodge remains the
place where “home means friends and family.” 

  • 12415 N. 103rd Ave.
  • Sun City, Arizona
  • (623) 933-0137

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