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Two Six Shooters Beat Four Aces: The Lives of Men on the Arizona Frontier


Sun City, Arizona – Friday, March 17, 2016 – Sun Valley Lodge is hosting a free presentation entitled “Two Six Shooters Beat Four Aces: The Lives of Men on the Arizona Frontier” on Thursday, March 24th at 10:30 AM.  The program will be presented by Dr. Barbara Marriott and is part of the Lodge’s Discover Arizona series.  The series is made possible through a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council.


From the Federal Writers’ Project, interviews with pioneer men who first rode into the Arizona Territory when the law of the land was a gun. A saga of incredible action of gun battles, deadly weather, Indian attacks, outlaws, and evasive fortunes. Some found success, some found poverty, and some found an early grave. These are the true-life stories of Arizona characters including outlaw John Ringo, lawman Commodore Perry Owens, tough Pete Kitchen, and miner Henry Wickenburg, the man who found a rich mine and died a pauper.


From fashion copywriter to management consultant, from newspaper editor to university professor, Barbara Marriott’s insatiable curiosity has taken her down many paths. Now her hunt for Western history has added another twist of excitement to her life. Marriott uses her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology as a tool for understanding the Old West and its fascinating characters. After nine books about the Southwest’s pioneers and legends (with many of the books award winning), she is on the trail searching for the next bit of unknown and unique history.


The Discover Arizona series consists of four programs that each feature a different aspect of Arizona history presented by an accomplished speaker.  Programs are scheduled for the last four Thursdays in March at 10:30 AM.


All of the programs are free and open to the public. Sun Valley Lodge is located at 12415 N. 103rd Avenue in Sun City.  For more details please call 623-933-0137.


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